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This is year one of Young Men of Distinction and some of the highlights from 2019-2020.


A Father's Love Language: Part One


A Father's Love Language: Part Two


A Father's Love Language Part Three


My Father's Blueprint, My Lessons Learned, My Evolution


Reset to Rise


A Mother's Legacy


On Friday, June 12th at 7pm on Facebook Live, A Father’s Love Language: What are we communicating to our Children? Part One took place.

The foundation of our “A Father’s Love Language” online event has been expertly and experientially laid, and we are excited to further build upon the structural design of the devoted, exemplary, and committed actions being role-modeled inside of fatherhood.    We invite you to catch the replay on Part 1, and prepare your mind, heart and soul for Part 2. 

On Friday, July 31st at 8pm, A Father’s Love Language Part Three. This is the finale to a great series. 

If you missed the (3)-part series titled “A Father’s Love Language, What Are We Communicating to Our Children?”, we encourage you to watch all three events on replay with an open mind and heart. If you have watched them already, then you know how POWERFUL they all were both individually and collectively. The solid foundation laid by our beloved moderator and participating fathers as it relates to the wisdom, love, guidance, and discipline.

On Saturday, September 19th at 12pm, Seven young men with drop gems which will impact your lives or uplift you through various situations you are going through. We are presenting “Reset to Rise” an inspirational event you don’t want to miss.

 She loves with everything within her, she soothes, she is the sum total of her lived experiences, she is royal, and she leaves you better than how she found you. A mother’s legacy is a testament to how she lives, and to all that she gives…especially to her children. What will your legacy one day be to your children, future generations, and to the entire world? What will your words and actions convey to those who care?  LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! 🗣

We have gathered many beautiful moments during our journey

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