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Young Men of Distinction is a nonprofit organization. It is our mission to mentor, motivate and guide adolescents boys to transition into young men with a purpose to obtain a higher education.

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A Father's Love Language: What are we communicating to our Children?

A Father's Love Language: What Are We Communicating to Our Children? Prepare for an insightful roundtable discussion with black fathers who are each doing impressive works within our community to preserve the culture, role model a positive and exemplary standard, in addition to leaving a cemented legacy of purpose, resilience, and a job well done.

A Father's Love Language: What are we communicating to our Children? - Part Two

The foundation of our "A Father's Love Language" online event has been expertly and experientially laid, and we are excited to further build upon the structural design of the devoted, exemplary, and committed actions being role-modeled inside of fatherhood.

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A Father's Love Language