Founder, CEO & Executive Director

Meet Our Founder

Jacoby Waters

Jacoby Waters,  is the Founder, CEO & Executive Director of Young Men of Distinction & Gentlemen of Distinction.

What is the best way to achieve a dream or a goal?

Learn from someone that achieved the same goal or dream, or someone that has more knowledge or expertise in that area than you do.

His stepfather and grandfather have provided him with knowledge and expertise creating a strong foundation in his life.

He also received great guidance from neighbors – helping to develop his morals and values.

With a strong foundation and great guidance, he achieved several goals and he is continuing his journey toward his dream.

His strong foundation and great guidance received lead to humility and gratitude.  

His humility and gratitude provided the inspiration to create Young Men of Distinction with the help of several key collaborators to achieve one goal – provide tools and resources for young men to achieve their goals and dreams.

Currently, Young Men of Distinction will be at Dr. Mary McCleod Bethune Elementary School, Belle Glade Elementary School, Howell L. Watkins Middle School, Forest Hill High School and returning back to John I. Leonard High School.